Book Club: #WhiteGirlProblems


book_new-bs I have been spending the last few days with Babe Walker and I have to say.. WOW. This is one of the funniest and most entertaining books I have read in a while. I couldn’t bring it in myself to put it down (thank goodness for that 10 hour bus ride back from NYC). I had been recommended White Girl Problems by Kobo based on my previous reading and they were SPOT ON!

Babe, short for Barbara, is a Hollywood It Girl that finds herself in rehab for a shopping addiction. She decides to write a memoir during her stay as a way of reflecting on her choices and actions that have led her there. Babe’s “problems” range from hating her horse, realizing her therapist fell asleep during her session to hating every job she has ever had (which is a grand total of one). Babe navigates herself through life with the help of her nanny, Mabinty (who is an unreal character might I add), her Tai Tai (grandmother), father and two best friends. While the majority of the novel is about Babe, it is clear her life would not be complete without the priceless and fascinating cast of supporting actors.

Though Babe’s life is completely outrageous, it is hard not to become enthralled with her lifestyle. Her clothes are fabulous, she owns every kind of designer and could successfully open her own department store. Throughout the book, Babe shares sketches of her outfits, which is a feature I personally loved. While reading I love using my imagination of how a specific character will look, and the sketches did not disappoint. Babe looked exactly how I imagined she would.

Others may say Babe’s life is superficial and sad, but I have to disagree. Her memoir is comical, exciting and riveting- much of what I like the think Babe’s life is like. I would suggest, and constantly do, this book to every twenty-something female, or any person who worships the Kardashians. I downloaded Babe’s second novel Psychos tonight, so please excuse my absence as I will be on lock down for the next two days. 925469_1385858988321422_998008905_n If any of you have read or are now planning on reading White Girl Problems, let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear your thoughts on the novel.

XO, Kristen


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