ThirsTea Thursday: Just Peachy


After my haircut last week I decided to enjoy the sunny summer day and take a walk down Bank street. Living by uOttawa I find I don’t venture down to that are very often which is a shame. Walking block after block I realized it is the cutest little area. It is so alive with action- the streets are lined with cafe’s, boutiques and parks. During my walk I stumbled upon David’s Tea and knew I had to go in. I love tea, probably even more than wine, and I’m always looking for new flavours to add to my ever growing collection. While I wanted to buy the entire store, I settled for Just Peachy and Watermelon mint.

As soon as I got home I couldn’t wait to tear into my new purchase, I brewed myself a cup of Just Peachy immediately. Seeing as the day was extremely hot and humid, I turned my drink into an iced tea. And honestly, it was the best decision! Just Peachy is such a light and fruity blend, it was so refreshing after being in the sun all afternoon. I love all things peach, especially in the summertime, so this was an instant crowd favourite. I thought the flavours blended together so harmoniously. I’m extremely happy with this purchase and can’t wait to try it warm (or with a splash of vodka perhaps?).

Do you have a specific flavour you enjoy?

XO, Kristen


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