Local Bloggers: Ottawa

I love finding new blogs. For me, it’s like finding a treasure chest filled with gold. I love the process of getting to know a new blogger’s personality and style, and when they’re local that’s even better. Ottawa is such a diverse city, so it only makes sense that the style of it’s top bloggers reflect that. Whether they’re students on a budget, wanting to let off a little steam or looking to make a name for themselves, they’re all unique and have their own characteristics. I’ve rounded up five of my favourite Ottawa bloggers that I like to turn to for inspiration and weekend morning reading.

So, without further ado, here are my top five go to blogs:

1) Pop Champagne

This is one of my favourite blogs to frequent when I need outfit inspiration. Julie has amazing style and every post makes me more and more jealous of her relaxed, girly vibe. Take a view through her lookbook and I can guarantee you all will feel the same. Plus, she has a cute as a button puppy that likes to make guest appearances, and that’s always a bonus in my books.

2) 613Style

With everything from beauty to celebrity news, 613Style truly has something for everyone! Run by Carleton student Grace Odumo, her blog has been featured by ETalk Canada, CTV Morning Live and PRESS The Fashion Magazine, in addition to speaking with Canadian celebs like Fefe Dobson and Melinda Shankar.  If you’re looking to stay up to date with the latest news and events happening around Ottawa, 613Style is your kind of read. Grace’s story is a huge inspiration for me. It proves that hard work really does pay off!

3) ourMode

ourMode is a his-and-hers style blog about a couple with an impeccable sense of style. When I’m annoyed with my closet or unsure of how to dress, this is the blog I turn to. Not only do they showcase their style, they love to share every aspect of their lives with their readers. The couple regularly post pics of their amazing style, and they love to share their shopping tips and favourite stores!

4) Tinfoil Tiaras

Tinfoil Tiaras is one of my go to blogs when looking for advice on shopping with a budget. Emily is a thrifty blogger who loves sharing her tips and tricks with readers. When looking for the best deals and thrift stores in the city, she’s your go to girl. She’s a fellow wino and nail polish addict, so naturally she had me at hello 😉

5) PRESS The Fashion Blog

This is a local blog turned magazine and it’s fabulous! The brands are carried by local shops and the models are Ottawa girls too. The content is truly Canadian, even adding in an interview with some of the Olympic athletes. PRESS is one of my favourites. They create a unique vibe, which is something I really like. I definitely recommend checking it out if you haven’t yet!

Do you have a favourite blog? If so, leave them in the comments below!

XO, Kristen


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