Ready or Not

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I can’t believe it’s September already. Though I had four months of summer bliss, it feels like it just started. I’m not ready to switch up the warm, sunny days for endless hours spent in lectures just yet.

Normally, this time of year I am loving the change of pace. After working hard (or hardly working?) all summer long, I am ready to put my thinking cap back on and get into my school routine. But this year, I am not feeling it. School starts on Wednesday, and I don’t have my normal rush of excitement and anticipation. Instead, I’m feeling scared and confused.

Since starting my school career, I have always know what I will be doing the upcoming year. Even in my senior year of high school, I knew I would be moving on to university, I just wasn’t sure where. But now.. I’m left wondering “what’s next?”. And for the first time in a long time, or possibly ever, I really don’t know. And that is a crazy and scary feeling.

When starting at university, I thought it was my destiny (yes, destiny), to become a party planner. Preferably for Tiffany & Co., but I have since moved on from that dream. Next, I had set my sights on becoming a journalist.. and then a social media maven.. and then a trend forecaster. As you can see, the list is a mile long. As of right now, I am only sure that I want my future career to be in the fashion industry.

For me, it’s weird to think that I have spent the four past years learning and furthering my education, but I am no where closer to realizing what I want to do with my life.. or even just the next five years. Though I am sure this is a internal dilemma seniors everywhere are dealing with, it feels much scarier when it becomes personal. If I could give any future advice to incoming freshman, it would definitely be to enjoy the present, but keep the future in the back of your mind because the next four years will go by whether you’re ready or not.

Cheers to another year of higher education!

XO, Kristen


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