Hair Care 101: Beach Waves

One of my favourite summer activities is going to the beach. Sandy feet and salty hair is the ultimate combination in my mind. Not only is hitting the beach amazing for your soul, but the ocean can do wonders for you hair.

Last March I became obsessed with creating the perfect just-visited-the-beach look (this was back when I had my blonde locks and I was convinced beach waves made me look like a mermaid). After some intense researching, I took a field trip down to Sephora to test out the best sea salt sprays and to get some professional perspective. Instead, I was greeted with extremely high prices and extremely small quantities. $26 for a small bottle of spray? I don’t think so B&B.

Although there were many excellent choices that were within my budget, I opted to take the DIY route instead. I found a fantastic recipe by Free People that I absolutely swear by. It is THE best (cue Chandler Bing pronunciation), and only includes three simple ingredients:

1) Coconut Oil (half a teaspoon)
I used Organix’s Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum because I love how soft it makes my hair, plus it smells amazing. The coconut oil is the key ingredient in this recipe! It will help prevent your hair from drying out from the sea salt. Although I chose coconut oil, you can choose any kind of oil you like, such as Lavender.

2) Gel (half a teaspoon)
I did not find that the type of gel I used mattered very much because the gel is used solely to help to waves stay put. I used Equate’s Hard Hold Styling Gel. I chose this specific brand because it was inexpensive and a reliable brand.

3) Salt (one teaspoon)
While the recipe called for Himalayan Sea Salt, I decided to use Calgon’s Bath Beads Ocean Breeze instead. I found this to be softer and less harsh on my hair than regular table salt. Also, I thought the Ocean Breeze would mix nicely with the coconut scent, mentally transporting me to the beach.

I mixed the ingredients together in a spray bottle filled with a cup of lukewarm water, shook, sprayed onto my damp hair and then scrunched upwards. I have tried the spray on damp and dry hair, and I have found both ways work well. I have a natural curl to my strands, and I find even on the most humid days this spray keeps the frizz away.

Sidenote: Before a night out, I like to spray this mix all over and add a few random curls with my curling wand. I find it adds the perfect last minute touch to the messiness of the look.

Will you be mixing up your own Sea Salt Spray?

XO, Kristen


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