Wednesday Web Wanderings

Happy Hump Day everyone! Here are a few links I found to help you make it until Friday..

It’s my favourite time of year, David’s Tea Pumpkin Chai is back and I am in LOVE. Chai and pumpkin are two of my favourite things, so to me this is a match made in heaven. Check out the rest of their fall flavours while you’re at, trust me you won’t be disappointed!

This week is The Kennel Club’s Puppy Awareness Week and Buzzfeed is celebrating. Take a look through these adorable puppies and just try to resist their cuteness. The campaign was started to highlight the problem of puppy farming and online dog sales. Being an avid puppy lover, this is a campaign I feel very strongly about. Please, research and educate yourself before buying yourself a new pet for your family.

Looking to break into the fashion industry? Make sure to check out Victoria Drysdale’s article on the Ups and Downs of Being a Fashion Intern. Victoria gives us all a gentle reminder that hard work always pays off in the end.

I was searching the web last week and I came across this wonderful article by The Cut. Modern fall fashions are incorporated into classic films, such as Some Like It Hot, Cleopatra and The Wizard of Oz. Personally, I am loving Dorothy’s modern booties.

Stumbleupon is one of my favourite sites for wandering the web, besides Pinterest of course. I came across this wonderful invention called the Nostalgia Machine. If you’ve been craving songs from your adolescent or teen years, simply put in the year and it will generate all the top hits. 90’s dance party anyone?

In honour of a new semester, it seemed appropriate share this article about increasing your GPA this year. HerCampus shared many tips and tricks on raising your GPA in five easy steps. Definitely a must read for all collegiate in my opinion!

Which web find is your favourite?

XO, Kristen

Photos via: Buzzfeed & The Cut


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