You Got It Dude

Like many girls who grew up in the 90’s, I was/ still am completely and totally obsessed with the Olsen twins. MK & Ash have been my main girls since ’96 and my love for them has only been growing since.

I devoured all their books, shows and movies, in addition to forcing my mom to buy me their clothing. In my house, Friday nights in my house meant a trip to Jumbo Video, where my sister and I were allowed to pick out two movies to watch over the course of the weekend. And with out fail, my sister and I would gravitate towards the Mary-Kate and Ashley movies (after grabbing our free bag of popcorn of course). Once home with our picks of the week, we would watch and sing along to all the songs. While it seems crazy to think that two girls not much older than myself could be such a big part of my childhood, our ritual truly created amazing memories and bonding moments with own sister. Megan recently moved to Dubai and our last phone conversation was about the Olsen twins.. Typical.

Having always been a role model in my life, it was only natural that I began to look to the twins for fashion and styling tips. While some may have believed their choices to be questionable at first, I completely understood their preference for layers. There have been many times I will be getting ready for class or a trip to the mall and I find myself thinking “WWTOW” (What Would The Olsen’s Wear). These are two girls who have some serious style and I honestly could never get bored of turning to them for outfit inspiration. If you’re ever bored, type Olsen twins into Pinterest.. Trust me, you won’t be sorry.

Who’s your style inspiration?

XO, Kristen

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