Wednesday Web Wandering


This list is spot on about the fall festivities all basic girls love. This girl is definitely guilty of more than a few.

In honour of Friends 20th anniversary, here are some of the shows best quotes (PIVOT).

Proof that New York City is the only place to be during the autumn months.

Take a peek at ten fall fashion essentials for the budgeting shopaholic.

This is a pretty entertaining read for those entering adulthood.

Heading to the Middle East? Check out the city’s top fashion destinations- prepare to bookmark this one for future reference.

Channel your inner Cher Horowitz with these modern outfit ideas. I’ll be taking a look through for sure, can’t pass up the opportunity to look my favourite 90’s icon.

I’ve got to get these boots into my life. ASAP.

Use these tips to extend your morning snooze tomorrow. You’re welcome.

 In love with this tray by J.Crew. Perfect tray for holding all your jewels.

Add these foods to your diet and watch as you reap the beauty benefits.

Happy Hump Day everyone 🙂

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