Wednesday Web Wanderings

A hilarious read on the hellish ordeal that is wearing high heels.

The best airline commercial I’ve seen in a while, featuring my two favourite cities- Paris and New York.

Seventeen important life lessons from the best movie ever; The Princess Bride.

Sixteen easy and budget friendly ways to revamp your fall wardrobe. Number eleven is my favourite, it’s all about those layers!

This is one hundred percent true! I am slowly realizing all these things each and every day.. Thank god for my parents.

Kate Hudson does a spot on impression of Matthew McConaughey and looks impeccable while doing it.

One word: PUPPIES.

A list of twenty-eight last minute Halloween costumes for all you procrastinators ๐Ÿ˜‰ (don’t worry, myself included).

Chic envelope clutches at every price.

Disgusting responses to Rob Bliss and Shoshana B. Roberts’ sexual harassment video that went viral yesterday. Comments like these are unacceptable and need to stop. ASAP.

My favourite drink with a seasonal twist; Pumpkin Cinnamon & Apple Sangria

Happy Hump Day ๐Ÿ™‚

XO, Kristen

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