Behind the ‘Gram: @sweetmagchic

For those of you who may or may have not noticed, fashion bloggers have taken over Instagram. Try scrolling through the popular page and count how many fashion photos you see.. Lost count right? Hashtags like #ootd and #fashion are one of the most popular to use when wanting to gain exposure to an outfit photo. As I’ve mentioned before, I love the app. I think it creates such an amazing and creative community, one where everyday I am finding new bloggers to follow and admire. Because of this, I have decided to start featuring some of my favourite bloggers on Instagram.

First up is Marcy Jock Broussard of Sweet Magnolia Chic. Marcy’s blog, and insta, are unbeliavble. Not only is she gorgeous but she also has a killer sense of style! I have been following Marcy for a while and honestly, her blog and insta are so fun. When scrolling through her pictures or reading her posts, I feel I can hear her distinct voice- even though we have never met. To me, she is the perfect example of what a good writer/blogger is. I asked her a couple questions about her Instagram habits and she happily indulged in her favourite filter, plus how she feels about selfies!

And don’t forget to follow Marcy on Instagram @sweetmagchic..

1. When did you join Instagram?
I believe I have been “gramming” for a little over two years now.

2. Do you have a favourite filter?
Yes! I really like “Valencia”. I am all about filters.

3. What are your favourite accounts to follow?
I am obsessed with Coury Combs of Fancy Tree House (@fancytreehouse), Lauren Conrad’s official Instagram (@laurenconrad), Cara Van Brocklin (@caraloren), Jules Sarinana of Sincerely Jules (@sincerelyjules), and Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What (@weworewhat).

4. What is your personal style?
Definitely vintage, laid back, and bohemian. I love layers, fringe, lace, and anything feminine!

5. What do you think about fashion’s relationship with Instagram?
Instagram definitely helps the fashion world in my opinion. It is another outlet to reach out to people and bounce ideas off of one another.

6. How do you feel about selfies?
I can’t lie, who doesn’t love taking selfies?! But, it does get old when you post one every single day, especially making a duck face. I appreciate a good selfie here and there, but taking them constantly is a desperate cry for attention in my opinion. Sorry if that offends, I am way too blunt. 🙂

7. Of all the photos you’ve uploaded, which is your favourite and why?
I like posting pictures of my wedding and engagement photos. Even though it was now, a few years ago. Those photos just seemed to capture the “magic” of our relationship in a way that I never expected, or could have done on my own. I know I sound like a cheese ball, I am a hopeless romantic.

8. If you could take over a celebrity’s Instagram account, whose would it be?
That is a hard question. I really don’t know!

9. What do you love most about Instagram?
That it is another way to share happiness, ideas, creativity, and moments. 🙂

10. How did you get your start in fashion?
I fell in love with fashion at the age of 15 and decided my senior year of high school to attend college for fashion merchandising. I worked in the industry for a little over 5 years. Now I have hung my retail shoes up…for now! I love blogging, its such a great outlet for me in sharing my passion.

Who is your favourite blogger on Instagram?
Let me know in the comments below and you might just see them here next time!

XO, Kristen

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