Nail Files: Fall Polishes


A new season means a whole new world of nail polishes to choose from. Although I love bright and neon colours in the summertime, I crave deeper and richer hues once the cooler weather hits. There’s nothing I love more than lathering on members of the red, blue and gray family. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect autumn shade, here are my top picks I recommend wearing all autumn long..

Oxblood has quickly become a staple in my wardrobe this season. Being an autumn essential, I love that I can pair it with anything and everything- and still give off a moody vibe. This is the colour of the moment and I plan on wearing it all through winter.

While this is a hue I enjoy wearing all year round, I find myself wearing it even more in the freezing season. Pale pinks may rule in the summertime, but gray is the perfect neutral to spice up any winter outfit.

I love navy because it is the perfect dark-but-not-quite-black shade. Whether it’s worn by itself, or with a little sparkle for a festive touch, it is definitely a key player in the fall/winter polish game.

Purple is my favourite colour, so it’s no surprise that I am obsessed with plum. Deep purple is often associated with royalty, so I like incorporating the hue into my wardrobe on the days I need a confidence boost. And, because I’m basically a princess ;).

I was unsure about this colour at first, but now I am hooked. The key is picking a shade that has more gray than green in it, otherwise the polish won’t achieve the fresh and modern look you’re going for.

Rose Gold
Rose gold is one of my favourite colours, I love it when it comes to jewellery and I love it when it comes to nails. This is my favourite shade for holiday parties, adding the perfect touch of glamor and femininity.

Red is the only exception to my deep colour palette. I can seen wearing this polish during the Christmas season, I just love how festive and cheery it makes me feel. After all, ’tis the season to be jolly.

What are your polish picks for fall?

XO, Kristen


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