Weekend Wants · NO. 4



I hope you all had a lovely week. I for one am glad to see it end! While my week wasn’t particularly stressful, I feel like the weeks in general are dragging on. I am so ready for this semester to be over with- and then there’s only one semester standing between me and freedom! I’m not sure why, but this week I’ve been experiencing senioritis more than ever. The struggle to attend class and do my work is real. All I can think about is the days where reading will be done for fun and all- nighters will include a big bottle of rosé and dance parties.

But until those glorious days come, here a few things I’ll be dreaming about this weekend..

1. Over-the-knee boots are the perfect weapon for battling winter weather and seeing as how I live in the coldest climate ever (jk.. kind of), I’m planning on adding these to my arsenal. I like these pair specifically because the heel isn’t too high, and they scream Olivia Pope more than Pretty Woman. They’re the ideal pair to wear with minis, skinnys and cozy knit dresses.

2. I am crazy about this Daniel Wellington watch! I love how classic and simple the style is- not to mention to rose gold detailing around the face. While I own a beautiful bejeweled one from Fossil, I am seriously considering adding this to my collection. The low key style would be perfect on days when I want a more casual and light feel. Plus, the minimal face makes it easier for actually telling time.

3. Though I know it’s too early to start decorating the tree, I couldn’t resist throwing in these adorable macaron ornaments. They add a touch of sparkle and french chic to your holiday decor, plus they’re the absolute cutest. Whether you choose to hang them on your tree or set them out on a cookie dish as a table decoration, these are sure to draw the attention of friends and family.

4. Whether you’re planning an upcoming trip to The City of Light, or only going in your dreams, you’ll definitely want to get yourself a copy of this book! Le Shop Guide is filled with the best shops, cafes, restaurants and more that Paris has to offer. The best part is that the guide is filled with super helpful info like shop hours, addresses and directions from the city’s major tourist destinations. Who says you have to look/ act/ shop like a tourist?

5. As I’ve mentioned before I’m a sucker for graphic tees and sweaters. Not only is the slogan amazing, but this sweater looks oh so cozy! I can see myself wearing this around the apartment, to class, running errands.. basically anywhere I can think of. The sweater is kind of basic, but it’ll serve as a excellent base for a layered outfit. Or, it can be the star of the show when paired with skinnys and sneakers.

6. I’ve been slowly getting into the holiday spirit this week and I even began some of my Christmas shopping (no last minute mall trips for this girl)! These caught my eye and I think they’re the perfect pair to wear when attending holiday parties and dinners. I love how it looks like a New Year’s Eve party exploded on them, which is exactly the occasion I would wear them on.These babes can add a bit of sparkle to any outfit, without being overpowering.

7. I found this jewellery dish while perusing Anthropologie’s site late one night and it was love at first sight! I am always on the lookout for cute ways of storing my jewellery, bobby pins and hair things- I’m currently using a tea cup set that I found at Value Village. I love how delicate the detail on the swans are, and I think they would be an excellent addition to my bedside table! I plan on adding them to my ever-growing letter to Santa ;).

8. In my opinion, this Lulu Guinness clutch is EVERYTHING. It’s flirty, sassy and the perfect amount of flashy- not to mention a total conversation starter. You’ll absolutely have no trouble drawing the eye of the cutie across the room when carrying this beauty. Also, the gold glitter makes this the perfect partner in crime for all the festive parties you’re sure to attend. Fun fact: when Lulu was mentioned in Sleepover, I seriously did not believe she was a real designer.

Which one’s your favourite?
Have a happy weekend!

XO, Kristen


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