LUSHious: A Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la! The Christmas season is slowly coming upon us and that means one thing: it’s time to start our holiday shopping. I don’t know about the rest of you, but Christmas shopping stresses me out each and every year. I’m not even kidding. As a frequent mall troll I normally would love any excuse to spend hours within those sacred walls, but once you factor in the insane crowds and pressure to find the ultimate gift, it can really take a toll on a girl. But, thankfully this year I’ve been lucky enough to secure a spot on LUSH’s holiday team, so you know what that means.. Naturally, everyone in my family is getting some form of bath bomb or shower gel. Have to take advantage of the discount while I have it, right? And while all of LUSH’s Christmas products are to die for (it was hard to choose only a handful), I have rounded up five of my favourite picks.

 And so, here are some products I think my loved ones will love this Christmas..

Holly Golightly
Inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s sassy leading lady, this bubble bar is easily my favourite. Just one sniff quickly transports me to New York City on Christmas Eve, walking the streets with a extra hot chai tea latte in my hand. Not only do I feel like I’m channeling my inner Holly while I soak, but I love the festive scent. A mix of cinnamon and spice, it lingers on my skin long after I’ve rinsed off. Plus, I love that this bar can be used multiple times, providing enjoyment again and again throughout the holiday season. For best results, I recommend pouring a glass of wine (or two), and letting your imagination fly.

Father Christmas
Santa Clause is coming to town! Father Christmas is here to bring you a much needed moment of rest and relaxation among your busy holiday schedule. Simply pop SC in the bath with you and watch as he fizzes away, turning the water from holly red to evergreen green as he dissolves. One afternoon with Father Christmas will melt your cares and worries away, leaving you (and your skin) feeling completely rejuvenated. And if you can’t get enough of this scent, try LUSH’s Snow Fairy shower gel.

A crowd favourite has returned to the shelves and just in time to deck the halls! This creamy and hydrating body lotion will truly give you something to Celebrate (pun intended). But in all seriousness, I have never tried a lotion that is a moisturizing and beautiful as this. Not only is it filled with cocoa butter and almond oil to keep your skin silky smooth on those chilly winter days, but it’s also filled with an intoxicating champagne scent. Lather this beauty on before relaxing in front of the fire, or mix with the First Snow dusting powder to create the perfect NYE approved look.

golden wonder

Golden Wonder
If LUSH products were high school students, Golden Wonder would be the most popular girl in school. One of the season’s best sellers, this bomb will leave you with luxurious and oh, so soft skin. Infused with lime, cognac and orange citrus oils, this present is sure to leave you feeling tingly all over- just like the perfect glass of bubbly. And not only is this bath buddy in the shape of a present, but each bomb includes its own special gift inside. Simply drop this gem in your next bath and watch as you’re treated to a show of kaleidoscope colours as the gifts reveal themselves one by one.

hot toddy

Hot Toddy
I have been using Hot Toddy as my go to wash for a couple weeks now and all I have to say is.. WOW. No cup of coffee wakes me up like the scent of this guy does. Mixed with ginger and cinnamon, it is a truly heavenly smell and has a very similar aroma to a certain alcoholic beverage I love ;). Plus, you really can’t hate the subtle shimmer the gel is infused with, adding the perfect holiday sparkle. My only complaint is that I find the scent doesn’t last long enough. I love this cinnamon fragrance so much, I want to smell it all day long!

And there you have it, a few of my LUSH Christmas favourites!

And remember ladies, Christmas shopping is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, so try not to stress about finding the perfect present too much- although there is a bath bomb for that ;). Your loved ones will love whatever you choose to give them because you came up with the idea with love and care.

Which Christmas product is your favourite?

XO, Kristen

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