Weekend Wants · NO. 5


Happy Friday babies!

I’m not sure why but this time of year makes me want to pack a suitcase, pick a destination and take the first flight out. I have been daydreaming all week about the amazing places I have yet to experience- Australia, Thailand, Amsterdam.. the list could go on forever. There are so many beautiful places in this world, and I seriously want to see them all. In an ideal world, I’d spend the year after I finish school traveling the globe. But since money doesn’t unfortunately grow on trees, I’ll have to find a job that will pay me to be a jet-setter ;).

In order to satisfy my inner wanderlust, here’s my list of drool worthy travel accessories..

1. NYC holds a special place in my heart. The thrill of visiting the city that never sleeps is one that I hope never goes away. I love the excitement and suspense- you just never know what will happen while you’re there! So for me, this gold cuff engraved with the city’s skyline is a no-brainer. I will proudly wear my love for the city on my sleeve.. er wrist.

2. But seriously.. am I? This is the perfect tee for any and every occasion. Whether you dress it up with a skirt and heels, or opt for jeans and sneakers, you’re inner Parisian will shine. Fun fact: this tee was created by Man Repeller, who is one of the ultimate bloggers in my mind.

3. This box set is ahh-mazing. Not only does it include guides on five of the most fashionable cities in the world, but it comes complete with a plastic case to protect the booklet from all the elements, tears included. This is ideal for my inner bookworm, especially since all five fashion capitals are on my bucket list.

4. I love how adorable this passport cover is. Not only is it the perfect shade of blue, but it’s a constant reminder to not forget my most important travel accessory. I’m always forgetting everything important; my phone, my wallet.. you get the idea. But this baby is simply too adorable to leave behind!

5. This shower curtain is the bomb.com! I love how colourful the countries are, it’s such a versatile curtain. I mean, it can spruce up your bathroom, AND you can pick your next travel destination while you condition. Talk about a win-win.

6. I have to admit, if an impromptu weekend trip were to arise, I’d have no luggage to take with me (other than my bulky suitcase that is). I love this Kate Spade weekend bag because it is the perfect size for all your essentials whether you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile. Plus, a little bling never hurt nobody ;).

7. I am always looking at travel tags, I love how colourful and attention grabbing some are. This one in particular drew my eye thanks to the catchy saying. Not only does it speak the truth (I mean, duh), but it would ensure that no one is grabbing my bag by accident at the baggage claim.

8. I love this shoe bag, it’s so perfect for heels, flats or booties. I spend so much money on my shoes (too much some might say), and I hate the thought of them being crushed while I’m traveling. I will definitely be picking up a few of these pouches before my next trip!

Have a happy and safe weekend 🙂

XO, Kristen

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