In This Life

1. Graduate University.

2. Marry the love of my life.

3. Make babies.

4. Get a tattoo.

5. Learn to surf. (completed 2008)

6. Adopt a fur baby.

7. Go white water rafting.

8. Visit Los Angeles.

9. Live in New York City.

10. Live in Paris.

11. Go to fashion school.

12. Vacation in Australia.

13. Ride a camel in Dubai.

14. Learn to knit.

15. Vacation in Thailand.

16. Skydive.

17. Roadtrip across Canada.

18. Live in Vancouver.

19. Backpack across Europe.

20. Celebrate Christmas in NYC.

21. Live by the ocean.

22. Vacation in Amsterdam.

23. Go to New York Fashion Week.

24. Take my kids to Disneyland.

25. Open my own boutique.

26. Complete a 5k.

27. Learn to cook.

28. Bungee jump.

29. Buy a house.

30. Swim with dolphins.

31. Meet a celebrity.

32. Give blood.

33. Own a pair of Louboutins.

34. Create a signature dish.

35. Ride an elephant.

36. Swim in the Pacific Ocean. (completed 2008)

37. Swim in the Atlantic Ocean. (completed 1996)

38. Swim in the Indian Ocean.

39. Celebrate St. Patty’s in Ireland.

40. Go to the Ellen show.

41. Volunteer.

42. Celebrate Holi in India.

43. Go on an African safari.

44. Learn to make macaroons.

45. Visit every continent.

46. Do a colour run. (completed 2014)

47. Go to a fortune teller.

48. See the Northern Lights.

49. Learn a new language.

50. Be kind to others.

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